How does payment work?

For all our Pallet and U-Crate services you can now pay online at the time of booking using our store portal.

Are there any extra charges?

Not normally, unless there is a customs inspection in which case we will provide you detailed documentation of the customs charges.

How about insurance?

We can provide shipping insurance if you would like, which we will review with you after booking. Since many shippers don't know exactly what they want to ship until they start packing, we allow you to add insurance after you book to ensure you get the proper coverage you would need.

Can I let you know the delivery address later?

Yes, no problem. This is the case for many people moving overseas and whenever you have the address, you can let us know and we'll update your shipment accordingly.

How much notice or lead time do you need to arrange everything?

2 weeks notice.

How do I know if my items will fit?

We suggest taking the dimensions of the Pallet or U-CRATE service you're looking to book and draw out a rectangle on the floor and wall using masking tape. This will allow you to get a good idea of the size of the space you'll be working with. If your items fit inside your masking tape drawing, then you'll be in good shape on packing day.

Are there any items that I can't ship?

Yes, please review the Prohibited Items List here.

Can I load a Pallet or U-CRATE inside my house?

The Pallets & U-CRATE's are larger than most doors of a typical home, so packing inside is not an option. They must be on flat, hard ground so we can collect them with a pallet jack and tail lift truck. A driveway, garage or curbside is normally the best location to use as your packing location.

Do I need to have a detailed packing list?

Yes and we have an app on our web site to help you create your list.

How do I book my shipment?

When you're ready to book, simply click on the service you would like, choose your origin and destination, make online payment and then submit the details of your shipment on the booking page.

Get More Answers To Your Questions In Our FAQ Section.

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UPakWeShip, Inc.
Average rating:  
 374 reviews
 by Brian Courtney
California to London

We were pretty overwhelmed preparing for our move from California back to the UK. Found UPakWeShip resources on line after some great recommendations in an expat group. Such very helpful and clear instruction and advice regarding our move. Contacted their representative John Bonney who walked us through the process recommending a 20 foot shipping container for our household belongings. The cost quote was clear with no hidden charges which made it easy to proceed knowing the fixed cost. We had some friends who returned to mainland Europe a year or so ago who incurred unexpected addd on charges so we needed that peace of mind as we were on a fixed budget. Our representative Natalie Vallely then walked us through all the logistics of loading the container and various customs declarations forms. It was so helpful to have her step through the process with us. Lots of hand holding for sure!! All around fantastic experience and I wouldn't hesitate to recommend UPakWeShip to anyone wanting to re locate.

 by Steve Schwartz
Outstanding service

I just sent this to the team at UPakWeShip - it says it all, apart from the fact that we found packing our own crate to be very convenient - better (and cheaper) than shipping individual boxes.
Our crate ended its journey from Colorado, USA to the suburbs of London, UK, yesterday. We have busied ourselves to unpack everything, but I just wanted to drop you a note to thank you for your service. From the very beginning you have been extremely helpful and extraordinarily communicative. The whole process, door-to-door, was handled efficiently and we always knew where our box of treasures was.

In short, although I can’t credit you with the super packing job (for that I take credit ?), working with you has been a pleasure. Light-years away from a nightmare or two we’ve had in the past with other agencies.

 by Asa Black
Great and afforadable service

Great and responsive service from quote to delivery. Very smooth and no unexpected costs. Would strongly recommend for global shipping

 by Cheryl Siegel
Erika , who helped me so much

I called upakweship with at least 10 questions regarding a move from the
USA to England. I spoke to Erika and she was a delight from the time I said hello until I asked her the final question. She was knowledgeable, caring, understanding and polite. I found out every-
thing I wanted to ask and she answered all with ease . Thank you Again, Erica. I will be in touch as soon as I have a definite date.

 by Lewis
Great experience from Florida to UK

We used the ucrate 100 service to transport electronics, toys and houseware from Florida to the Uk. Despite the shipping challenges everything arrived in the condition it left us 9 weeks later. Great support from Alicia in the US and Kate in the uk. Good value and excellent service.

 by Jacquy Pfeiffer
Great service

Moving is very stressful especially when one moves overseas.
Upakweship is a top-notch company that helped me with my international move from A to Z.
The employees are courteous and professional during the entire process.

 by Matthew
Really good service.

Tremendous service. Kept up-to-date all the way. Thank you!

 by Caglar
Great service

Great service all the way. Pick up in the US and delivery in the UK was very smooth, our shipment was in great condition. Communication was top-tier with Kate in the UK side, she was always very responsive.

 by petra cuddy

We had been doing extensive research into shipping companies for our serious move from Canada to France. Over twenty inquiries and literally dozen of quotes, and oh the calls!
It was the prompt, polite and in depth answers and patience from Kris that persuaded us to choose UpakWeShip. I can honestly say that we slept better feeling that Kris truly was watching out for us.
Its a crazy world out there especially these days with travel and shipping, and though it is just material stuff in the container, its our little world and we are relieved and comfortable knowing Kris is involved and with us every step of the way! He is great and we wish him the very best!

 by Bart
Everything went smoothly

Recently used UPakWeShip's U-Crate 100 to ship 16 boxes' worth of personal effects from North Carolina to London. Customer service from Alicia Hawk stateside and Kate Krasilnikava in the UK was excellent; they responded quickly and efficiently whenever I had a question, and Kate patiently dealt with my multiple requests to change the delivery date. Pallet kit drop-off and pallet collection and delivery were on-time, and the whole process was much smoother than I'd expected. The only hiccup was a price increase after the preliminary quote due to quickly rising fuel and container shipping costs this year, but that wasn't really in their control. Would use again.

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