How does payment work?

For all our Pallet and U-Crate services you can now pay online at the time of booking using our store portal.

Are there any extra charges?

Not normally, unless there is a customs inspection in which case we will provide you detailed documentation of the customs charges.

How about insurance?

We can provide shipping insurance if you would like, which we will review with you after booking. Since many shippers don't know exactly what they want to ship until they start packing, we allow you to add insurance after you book to ensure you get the proper coverage you would need.

Can I let you know the delivery address later?

Yes, no problem. This is the case for many people moving overseas and whenever you have the address, you can let us know and we'll update your shipment accordingly.

How much notice or lead time do you need to arrange everything?

2 weeks notice.

How do I know if my items will fit?

We suggest taking the dimensions of the Pallet or U-CRATE service you're looking to book and draw out a rectangle on the floor and wall using masking tape. This will allow you to get a good idea of the size of the space you'll be working with. If your items fit inside your masking tape drawing, then you'll be in good shape on packing day.

Are there any items that I can't ship?

Yes, please review the Prohibited Items List here.

Can I load a Pallet or U-CRATE inside my house?

The Pallets & U-CRATE's are larger than most doors of a typical home, so packing inside is not an option. They must be on flat, hard ground so we can collect them with a pallet jack and tail lift truck. A driveway, garage or curbside is normally the best location to use as your packing location.

Do I need to have a detailed packing list?

Yes and we have an app on our web site to help you create your list.

How do I book my shipment?

When you're ready to book, simply click on the service you would like, choose your origin and destination, make online payment and then submit the details of your shipment on the booking page.

Get More Answers To Your Questions In Our FAQ Section.

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UPakWeShip, Inc.
Average rating:  
 389 reviews
 by Kathleen C Mack
Simply the BEST

From the initial conversation through the delivery of our crate, the UPakWeShip team members we interacted with were professional, helpful, gave good guidance and communicated in a timely manner.
The entire experience was managed smoothly and efficiently.
The only exception is that our crate arrived earlier than planned, but in retrospect, for us the timing was perfect.

 by Diane Hawkins
Thanks, John & Alicia!

I'd just like to take a moment to share our fabulous experience with UPakWeShip. From our initial conversation with John through to his connecting us with Alicia we have felt like we were in the hands of professionals, yet friends. Alicia has been fabulous! Her knowledge of what needs doing was communicated clearly in terms that a novice mover could easily comprehend and her patience with out of the ordinary questions never tired. Thanks, Alicia, you've made the move of our household goods a wonderfully smooth beginning! We are excited to watch its journey across the sea!
With great appreciation, John & Diane

 by Sarah
USA to UE : great !

I definitely recommend this company !
Each person I spoke to was able to answer my questions perfectly and quickly throughout the process. We are kept informed of every important stage of the shipment. My pallet arrived in perfect condition.
In one word : PERFECT

 by Shane Robison
Fantastic Customer Care by Ryan

My wife and I decided to make a last minute switch on how we shipped our goods from the US to England. We went with UPakWeShip as some friends referred us. Within 12 hours of booking (at night I might add) I'd already received detailed instructions and had an email exchange with Ryan. He answered my questions and ensured that the U-Crate we ordered ship to us as fast as possible. Great job, Ryan! Thank you.

 by Mo Hossain
Smooth experience

Alicia has been super helpful in helping us figure out how to navigate the process of shipping a pallet to the UK. She's clear in her communication and responds quickly. John helped us initially figure out which package we needed (pallet vs U-crate, etc.) and was also very nice. upakweship.com website is full of helpful resources that has been practical. Our pallet was picked up yesterday and hoping the rest of the process to receive it goes smoothly.

For anyone shipping a pallet, from my (first and only) experience, I would recommend getting good quality shrink wrap, ratchet straps and/or bungee cords, along with a nice, sturdy pallet. I found a heavy duty plastic pallet on Facebook Marketplace which I was very happy about, over using a wooden pallet (I'm sure these are fine too however). Best of luck in your moving!

 by Brian McCreery

I can only say that my experience with the Company has been five star +. Initially coming from the US to Europe, my link to the Company was through Alicia Hawk. I was at one point wondering where there several Alicia clones, given her immediate attention to questions and ability to calm me down if nothing else and there was more. When you ship all your worldly goods across the Atlantic, you do wonder are they going to get there.Working with a company that seemed to be as solid as a rock, has the effect of feeling what you are doing is going to be OK. And so it was. Pallet arrived today in France, looking exactly the same as the day I taped it up.
Well done I say.

 by Jill Langhus-Griffin

James’ paperwork and instructions are not straightforward at all, are confusing and contradictory. Moving is already stressful enough without having to wade through what we need to do and having to keep rereading it over again. He also wasn't very responsive on email.
We found waiting for the pallet kit stressful as although it was scheduled to take a week, it took two leaving us little time to pack. The delivery of the kit was a major problem. The delivery company Palletways called us a day before it was scheduled to be delivered and expected us to drop everything and come to the closest town, with our car, not delivered to our town, where it was supposed to be delivered. The excuse being that the delivery truck was too big to come to our town. I kept saying we only have a small car, knowing that it was a pallet, but he kept ignoring us and then his supervisor called us, speaking English was better, but he just kept saying can't you pick up. Then we couldn't get a hold of him either when we realized there was a problem picking it up with our car. We called James to advise we had a problem but did not hear back. We reluctantly went to the town nearby to collect it as we had little choice. The truck was actually not too big to make the delivery, we knew that as soon as we saw it. The driver was nice enough so was just being lazy. The driver gave us the contents of the pallet and was about to throw the base away and I told him that I needed that, it was part of our package but it clearly would not fit in our car. The driver said can't you get a friend to help and then said he had to leave. We had to get neighbor to drive to town and luckily it fit in the back of their vehicle. Once we had the pallet James contacted us and said that Palletways wasn't part of UPak but that's unacceptable to say that. Get a company that actually cares and is accountable or as least is aware of what the delivery is.
Once having packed the pallet we expected a follow-up from James reference a pick date and time but we never heard from him. Fortunately, the collection was without incident as the same size truck as the pallet delivery came to our town.
Karlee in the US was however great and we are thankful for her help. She was constantly in touch letting us know where the pallet was and when we should expect it. We had expected a call or an email from Saia Freight when the pallet was to arrive but they did not contact us and actually just showed up at 10am one morning, the Saia Freight driver said that they did not have the correct phone number (Karlee had confirmed that they did). The delivery driver also wanted to leave the pallet on the side of the road instead of moving it about 30 feet to inside the garage. Eventually he agreed to after we helped push the pallet on a dolly into the right place. If we needed to make a long distance move again we may use UPakWeShip but we will certainly look at alternatives.

 by Beatriz L.
Professional and efficient

Third intercontinental move I make, this time I chose UPakWeMove and it was great! fast, easy, efficient and 0 problems at all. I'd chose them again. Thank you!

 by Jeanette

The whole process was coordinated with much patience and professionalism. We shipped from France to the USA. Price was very reasonable. Thank you to all involved to get our belongings moved. All arrived undisturbed nothing was broken. Would recommend Upak we ship without hesitation.

 by lesley
Exceptional experience in every way

(Note: I originally posted this review in Google Reviews 3 years ago but only just now found out that it had been rejected as not meeting their checks,but with no other explanation. I felt so bad not being able to give feedback that I have posted the exact wording here from 3 years ago. So sorry for the delay Upakweship!)

Thank you Elda, Alicia and the entire team. A truly excellent experience from start to finish. Professional and responsive. Managed our shipment door to door in the most trying of times (Covid) and did not miss a beat. Communications were exceptional. Your commitment to us as the customer came across from everyone. Paperwork was comprehensive and with very good instructions. Cargo handling does not always have the greatest of reputations but this team has got it right. Would highly recommend and use again (although a repeat international move is not on the cards anytime soon!)

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