How does payment work?

For all our Pallet and U-Crate services you can now pay online at the time of booking using our store portal.

Are there any extra charges?

Not normally, unless there is a customs inspection in which case we will provide you detailed documentation of the customs charges.

How about insurance?

We can provide shipping insurance if you would like, which we will review with you after booking. Since many shippers don't know exactly what they want to ship until they start packing, we allow you to add insurance after you book to ensure you get the proper coverage you would need.

Can I let you know the delivery address later?

Yes, no problem. This is the case for many people moving overseas and whenever you have the address, you can let us know and we'll update your shipment accordingly.

How much notice or lead time do you need to arrange everything?

2 weeks notice.

How do I know if my items will fit?

We suggest taking the dimensions of the Pallet or U-CRATE service you're looking to book and draw out a rectangle on the floor and wall using masking tape. This will allow you to get a good idea of the size of the space you'll be working with. If your items fit inside your masking tape drawing, then you'll be in good shape on packing day.

Are there any items that I can't ship?

Yes, please review the Prohibited Items List here.

Can I load a Pallet or U-CRATE inside my house?

The Pallets & U-CRATE's are larger than most doors of a typical home, so packing inside is not an option. They must be on flat, hard ground so we can collect them with a pallet jack and tail lift truck. A driveway, garage or curbside is normally the best location to use as your packing location.

Do I need to have a detailed packing list?

Yes and we have an app on our web site to help you create your list.

How do I book my shipment?

When you're ready to book, simply click on the service you would like, choose your origin and destination, make online payment and then submit the details of your shipment on the booking page.

Get More Answers To Your Questions In Our FAQ Section.

U-Crate 50 USA to AU & NZ


If you are within 30 miles of our local terminal, please use the rate by state. If you are between 31 and 75 miles of our local terminal, please use the rate by state 31-75 miles.

Pay a deposit of $750.00 per item

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DESTINATION**: City (or as specified)

Rates Valid 30 miles Of Our Terminal Locations as standard, or 31-75 miles from Terminal location where advised.

Unless otherwise stated, all prices are to mainland country locations within the destination country only (no island destinations).


DIMENSIONS (In Inches):   Length: 45 ” | Width: 45 ” | Height: 44 ”

MAXIMUM WEIGHT***: 500lbs per U-CRATE 50

SERVICE DESCRIPTION: Curbside all cities to curbside all-inclusive. We send you the crate in advance. When you are ready, we will collect and ship it to your curbside overseas.


*For Australia/New Zealand Rates Only:
Rates exclude quarantine inspection, required by Australia & New Zealand.
Based on normal inspection, no findings/fumigation required:
AUD quarantine approx. AUD$200 for Pallet/U-CRATE Services. AUD$520 for 20Ft. Containers & AUD$820 for 40Ft. Containers
NZ quarantine approx. NZ$220 for Pallet/U-CRATE Services. NZ$430 for 20Ft. Containers & NZ$550 for 40Ft. Containers

**Unless otherwise stated, all prices are to mainland country locations within the destination country only (no island destinations) and are listed in USD (US$).

***Extra weight will be charged at $2.00/lb.